Your First Visit

We’re happy you chose to bring your pets to us!

We’re so glad you’ve set up your first visit! Before you come in please head over to our app to register. Remember you will have to enter the password – we do this to prevent spam accounts from being created. You will be asked to fill out your contact information, save a debit or credit card on file, and enter and all of your pet’s information. Once you have set up your account you can upload your vaccine record! If you don’t have one please have your vet email a copy to

The vaccine record should show the date their rabies, distemper Parvo, bordetella, and both rounds of flu were given.  We also require a current negative fecal test showing that your dog is NEGATIVE for intestinal parasites. We do ask that you keep your dog current on flea and heart worm medication if they will be visiting us regularly. These records are the most important part of registering your dog. PLEASE get them to us ASAP so we can notify you of anything that is out of date. Failure to provide vaccines by the day of your reservation or coming in with expired vaccines will result in cancellation and forefeiture of your deposit.


First time clients are required to put down a 20% deposit that will be used towards your final bill. Failure to put a card on file to pay the deposit within 24 hours of making the reservation will result in cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation please let us know as early as possible, and at the latest 48 hours before the reservation is scheduled. Failure to cancel 48 hours before the reservation will result in forfeiture of your deposit (new clients) or a 20% no-show fee for current clients, the fee must be paid before booking further services.

When you are ready to register please click HERE.


What to bring:

Food for the visit (please only bring enough food + an extra serving – we don’t have much space and can’t store large bags or containers)



What not to bring:

Bowls (We have bowls here that are cleaned and sanitized between feedings)

Toys (We provide playtime and lots of activity while the dogs are with us. We don’t like to use toys in a group setting because they can cause some aggression issues)

Beds (We provide beds and blankets that are cleaned and sanitized after each use. We don’t recommend bringing beds because we don’t have a way to clean and sanitize the larger filled beds)