About Lynda & Bill

Who’s in charge?!

So who is taking care of your pets? We think that’s a super important question! Barks on Bauer was started by and run by Lynda & Bill Law. We are the only employees so we will be able to build long lasting relationships with your pets! We think it’s important to provide a stable and consistent experience so that your pets don’t have to keep meeting new people. They become our extended pet family and learn to trust us like family!


Who are Lynda and Bill?

Lynda is from Memphis, TN. She grew up with dogs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and ducks! After working as a cook, a bartender, a server, in real estate,  and a fancy pen salesperson I finally landed in my dream job – working with animals in a veterinary clinic! I worked the front desk and eventually moved up to manage the clinic. It was awesome!

Bill is from Owensboro, KY. He grew up with Buttons, a cockapoo and a sweet cat named Flops. After getting an associate of the arts from OCC he managed Blockbuster Videos for 10 years. We all know what happened there so he moved over to managing a bar and then several Walgreens around Louisville.

We met in 2013 and I moved to Louisville from Memphis shortly after (2 weeks!) and began working at Chenoweth Animal Hospital. In fall of 2015 we heard that the property behind Chenoweth Animal Hospital, both owned by Dr. Nevils, was for rent. We thought it would make a great spot for a daycare! We got our proposal together and set off to start our business. We got married on October 31, 2015, moved into the building the following weekend, built our little apartment, set up the daycare, and opened up for business on November 16, 2015. It was a whirlwind! We were lucky to have 3 clients our first day, that grew to 20 the first month, and pretty soon we were at capacity! We are so proud of the business and of the relationships we’ve built with our clients and their pets!

Meet OUR pets! 

Ash     ·    Iggy     ·     Edith     ·     Burt     ·     Roland

Fishy  ·  Fatty  ·  Pusscake  ·  Topanga  ·  Ramona  ·  Mr. Feeney  ·  Jimothy Nipples